101 In 1001!


One of my favorite bloggers to follow is Mackenzie Horan and her blog Design Darling. In fact, I am sure that since starting to religiously follow her blog the amount of navy blue striped clothing I own has doubled (I already had too much to start if you ask Daniel).

One of my favorite things Mackenzie does is she makes 101 and 1001 lists which are lists of 101 things she works to accomplish in 1001 days (approx. 2.75 years) . I just loved the idea so I made one of my own!

Follow along with me while I see how many of these things I can check off my list in the next 1001 days!

And thanks, Mackenzie, for the great idea!

Personal Development

  1. Take watercolor class

  2. Enter 4 art shows

  3. Nail down skincare routine

  4. Workout every day for two weeks

  5. Wake up at 7:30 every day for three week

  6. Meal prep for one week (and actually eat the food I make)

  7. Visit 5 new museums

  8. Vote in 2020 Election

  9. Run another half-marathon

  10. Get invisalign

  11. Take a Hebrew Class

  12. Read 50 Books

  13. Create Retirement Account

  14. Take LSAT

  15. Meet with financial planner


  16. Re-do wedding portraits

  17. Celebrate 3rd Anniversary

  18. Celebrate 4th Anniversary

  19. Celebrate 5th Anniversary

  20. Send Holiday Cards

  21. Join Synagogue DONE! March 2019

  22. Celebrate Daniel's 30th

  23. Blog Wedding Portraits and Our Story

  24. Re-frame Ketubah

  25. Fly on a plane together (we still haven’t!)

  26. Bring Daniel to visit my California Family

  27. Take Daniel on 15 surprise dates

  28. Go to Eight&I

  29. Attend a professional sports game

  30. Spend and afternoon watching Polo at King Family Vineyards

  31. Take Cooking Class

  32. Get Bicycles

  33. Become members of local NPR station


  34. Trip to Quebec City

  35. Giant Europe Trip

  36. Hike portion of AT

  37. Get TSA Pre-check and Global Entry

  38. Visit 10 more National Parks

  39. Blog Quebec Trip

  40. Create Organization System for Camping Supplies

  41. Hike in Canadian Rockies

  42. Get EZ-Pass DONE! February 2019

  43. Visit 5 new states (airports don't count!)


  44. Purchase Investment Pieces For Wardrobe (Camel and Navy Blue Blazer, Low Boots, Mules, Oxfords, Wool Dress Coat, Perfect dress for photographing weddings, silk scarf, diamond earrings, Sunglasses (prescription))

  45. Find the perfect black flats

  46. Update bed frame

  47. Purchase 2 sets of amazing sheets

  48. Find rugs for living room

  49. Upgrade our oldest car

  50. Invest in good makeup basics

  51. Purchase Shabbat Candlesticks, Passover Plate, and Kiddish Cups

  52. Treat myself to some Sony Noise-Canceling Headphones

  53. Get a tailored suit


  54. Go Full-Time with Photography

  55. Do Full Website Re-design

  56. Get published in a major wedding publication

  57. Make SMP Business Handbook DONE! 02/19

  58. Sign Up for CPS

  59. Photograph a proposal

  60. Create storage system for equipment (that isn't just leaving it in my bag)

  61. Upgrate to Canon 5D MkIV

  62. Purchase 85mm 1.4

  63. Purchase 70-200mm 2.8

  64. Purchase 50mm 1.2

  65. Create LLC

  66. Upgrade MacBook

  67. Re-design Logo

  68. Read business reading list

  69. Finish all online courses I have purchased

  70. Rebrand and create brand handbook

  71. Photograph 100th wedding

  72. Re-print wedding guides DONE! 02/19

  73. Attend the Hustle and Flow

  74. Build email list to 500 subscribers

  75. Organize a styled shoot


  76. Move to DC

  77. Create organization system for closet

  78. Find new cover for couch

  79. Decorate Bedroom

  80. Redesign and organize office

  81. Hang real curtains in all rooms

  82. Make a bar cart

  83. Organize tea stash DONE! 02/19

  84. Marie-Kondo the whole house

  85. Get a dining table with matching chairs

  86. Hang Mezuzah

    Just For Fun

  87. Get color-matched for the perfect foundation

  88. Take a kick-boxing class

  89. Go on wild, from-the-movies shopping spree

  90. Try ten new restaurants

  91. Learn to Sail

  92. Attend a non-classical music concert

  93. Do a boudoir shoot

  94. See Michelle Obama Speak

  95. Create Capsule Wardrobe

  96. Call-in to Wait Wait Don't Tell Me

  97. Find something of $500+ value in the Goodwill bins

  98. Go on an all-day thrift shopping adventure (at least 6 stores)

  99. Go Skydiving

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