3 Reminders You Need This Week


If you haven't noticed, it's Monday. You might have a different opinion of Mondays, but personally I always feel a little beat after the weekend, and the thought of getting back to work is exhausting.

When I woke up this morning (at 10:45. Face palm.) I honestly felt done with the week already not just because I feel stupidly tired, but also because scrolling through my Instagram feed it looked like everyone was posting about how excited they were to start the week and acting like they had it all under control. So in the spirit of camaraderie for those who share my sentiments about Mondays, here are 3 reminders I needed this morning.

My actual feelings about today, in one, unflattering picture.

My actual feelings about today, in one, unflattering picture.

1.) Nobody actually has their sh*t figured out. 

Oh. My. Gosh. You don't say!?! I guess we all technically know this, but it can be really hard to believe it when everyone else seems to be posting about their totally-figured-out lives on any given social media platform. TBH, it's 1:00pm, I'm sitting in a coffee shop eating my first meal of the day, and I've crossed off one thing from my to-do list. So, lest you think that you're the ONLY ONE who woke up late this morning and is still making their game plan for the week don't worry friend, you're not alone. 

2.) It's totally OK if sometimes you don't want to be a people person

On every personality test I've ever taken I've scored something like a 48/52% split between introvert and extrovert. For me this means that I can be a major people person and get really into being a social butterfly, but it also means that after a few days of "people-ing" I need to nap for a week. Seriously, the day after any wedding I prefer to spend alone, culling listening to podcasts and cleaning (or something else boring). It's easy for me to WAY overbook myself and end up crashing after too much people time, which has been the case over the last week as Daniel and I spent 5 days visiting family, traveled 2000+ miles, and spent the weekend with friends. 

This morning when I woke up and had no interest in talking to another human I had to remind myself that that's totally OK. If I don't give myself a break now I'm gonna pay for it. So I'm spending the day minimizing my human contact and not feeling bad about it.

3.) Clean of that chair in your bedroom that you dump all of your half-worn clothes on.

You know what chair I'm talking about. The one in the corner that never gets sat on because it's ALWAYS covered in the pair of pants you wore on Tuesday to get coffee, and the shirt you put on but changed out of before you left the house.

I PROMISE you will feel SO MUCH BETTER once you put away those clothes. So go to your closet, get the empty hangers, and spend 2 minutes hanging up your clothes. If you're feeling extra ambitious you can throw that pile of clothes in the dryer to freshen them up before your put them away. 

Long story short your spouse and your chair will thank you, and you won't have that "I have nothing to wear" feeling the next time you go to your closet in search of a cute outfit. 


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